HYMEN magazine is a Norwegian art magazine showcasing young artists from across the globe. Throughout each issue we will introduce you to a new group of artists with artwork created exclusively for HYMEN magazine. Each issue explores one individual theme, which the artists interpret freely. HYMEN's first issue was based on the word Real, the second on the phrase I'm the Only One, and the third is all about Success. 

HYMEN sees the printed media as important in todays's digital society. A huge part of art is experienced trough a screen on your phone or computer. We feel it is important to preserve the magazine as a physical format, and our goal is to give young and new artists a place to exhibit their work. All the artwork created for HYMEN is therefore especially designed to fit the format of a two-dimensional magazine.


┿ Events


HYMEN Issue 3 Copenhagen Launch // 13.11.17       

KVIT galleri, Copenhagen

HYMEN Issue 3: Success Lansering // 01.09.17       

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

HYMEN Art Fair // 10.11.16 - MESH, Oslo

HYMEN and MUNCH = success // 23.06.16               

The Munch Museum

Launch // HYMEN Magazine // Issue #2 // 26.02.16

Ingensteds, Oslo

HYMEN Magazine issue #1 Launch // 05.09.15         


Cyber Candy, HYMEN web launch // 30.04.15       

Sukkerbiten, Oslo